Monday, January 25, 2010

My Tree

I had the same commute for years.  I meandered just about 16 miles each way along back country roads - a couple thousand times, by my estimation.   And my camera came with me the last few hundred journeys.   

But nothing is forever.  The company relocated, and I have a different commute to learn.  

Meanwhile, I was lucky my new hobby developed while I was so familiar with the scenes along these roads.   Since I rode my bike about 10% the time year round, I had the chance to really get to know it and admire it.   Sometimes the smallest thing caught my attention:  the way the light hit the pond in the morning.    The lines of a plowed field.  And the way the sky danced behind "my tree".   

Well, it isn't actually *my* tree.  It belongs to some farmer, I suppose.  But I adopted it.  And each time I went past was an opportunity to see it in a different light.

The first photo above is offered as part of a charity auction.  Offer to donate to Haiti relief, and I'll print the photo and send it to the highest bidder.


Anonymous said...

Hi my name is Tom and I am a web design student. I am about to make my 1st web site for a residental group home. I would like to use your tree photos on that site. Since I am basically doing this site for free as a way to get some experience I am wondering if I may have permission to use your photos. I wouldn't be making any changes to them. Once I am done with the site I would let check it out to make sure you are ok with your photos. I would put your information about the photos on the site to give you credit.

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